Steel Estimator Data Centre

The Steel Estimator approach to looking after your data is straightforward - keep it simple, keep it secure, and we take this matter very seriously.

Every Steel Estimator customer is provided with their own private database to ensure that their Estimates and data are kept totally and surely private and secure.


Steel Estimator hosted data is stored in an established, secure datacentre on our own dedicated server.
Everything is maintained 24x7 by expert engineers, and our hosting company spends millions on ensuring the very highest levels of uptime and security.
Steel Estimator customers all benefit from;

  • The latest Microsoft Windows server
  • Unrivalled connectivity – plugged directly to the backbone of the Internet
  • Fully redundant Tier 1 server connections – no slow-downs or service interruptions

Heavy duty environmental controls keep our server working 24/7.
The data centre is protect by;

  • Multiple aircon systems for the best data centre climate
  • Humidity analysers and accurate temperature monitors
  • Fire suppression equipment – with FM-200 gas discharge within two seconds
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) covering all areas

Our server containing your data is automatically backed up on a regular cycle.

  • Snapshots automatically taken every 2 hours and 24 copies retained (2 days).
  • Replication of all snapshots to separate off-site storage on a 12-hour cycle.

Uninterruptible Power

Multiple redundant UPS systems give uninterruptible power to all servers.
If there’s an outage, switching is instant (with absolutely no interruption).
Multiple diesel generators can run the data centre for days at a time, or indefinitely with fuel deliveries.