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Steel Estimator is a stand-alone extremely flexible structural steelwork estimating system designed for simplicity of setup and use.

Designed using the latest Microsoft technologies, the software is aimed at providing a full and complete customisable steelwork estimating solution.

Primary Features
  • Extremely flexible manual material entry grid with Excel-like functionality;
    • Copy / paste between material input grids
    • Multi-select and batch change most item attributes easily
    • 3 'Add' modes for visual simplicity
    • User-definable views (which columns to show etc.) which can be saved per user
  • Flexible material file import from Industry standard modelling systems
  • Material adjustments for limitless material categories – specify number of bolts, fabrication hours and fittings weight per piece
  • Cost Centre library for Accounts Systems reconciliation
  • Work Categories to group material – can be used for anything – work type, Phase, complexity, surface finish etc.
  • Other Costs build-up with linked Lookup Tables to provide limitless pricing options
  • Full user-definable choice of 'Look and Feel' – open multiple windows for quick comparisons, drag, drop, dock and arrange panels to your own preference
  • Multiple Material Price Catalogues to quickly compare previously estimated jobs to current or potential price lists
  • Multiple Material Adjustment Catalogues to quickly adjust pre-set fittings weight, bolt count and fabrication hours
  • Fully controllable user access level to control access/add/edit/delete authority to most modules
  • Report Category Filter save option to recall at any time to avoid repeated entry of the same criteria to obtain report data.
    This enables users to quickly generate reports against any section of an estimate without having to group material into Work Categories
  • Report export and email to any format
  • Definitive Bill of Quantities reporting
Steel Estimator
Primary Estimate Components
  • Material
  • Surface Treatments
  • Cost Adjustments
  • Material Adjustments
  • Sub trades
  • Margins and Discounts
Steel Estimator
Top Level Estimate Features
  • Copy Estimate function to quickly revise and change estimates
  • Active material warning system to alert if members have no bolts, fabrication hours or fittings weight applied – fully configurable for each member type
  • Default 'Other Costs' library templates
  • Multiple Sub trades / Buyouts – decking, stairs etc.
Steel Estimator
  • Cloud-based solid Microsoft 2012 SQL server database
  • Centrally controlled for system-wide changes and enhancements
  • No need for expensive on-site SQL server software and hardware or on-site IT expertise
  • No need for Disaster Recovery plan - secure, regular backups
  • Work from anywhere with the Client software installed and an Internet connection
  • Vastly simplified one-click setup on Client computers
  • Written to the latest Microsoft standards and technologies
Steel Estimator Data Centre
Support Framework
  • Online support documentation
  • Online demonstration videos
  • Email support system
  • Ongoing support documentation and demonstration videos based on user feedback and enquiries
  • UK Limited Company

Steel Estimator