Steel Estimator Pricing

NZ$ 2,000.00
One-off Setup Fee NZ$ 2,000.00
Users 1-5 (per user) NZ$ 1,000.00
Users 6-10 (per user) NZ$ 700.00
Users 11+ (per user) NZ$ 400.00

Pricing Example (8 users)

One-off Setup Fee NZ$ 2,000.00
First 5 users NZ$ 5,000.00
Users 6-8 NZ$ 2,100.00
Total Initial Payment NZ$ 9,100.00
Annual Payment Thereafter NZ$ 7,100.00

Steel Estimator is competitively priced with the aim of providing a cost-effective and efficient pricing tool for the structural steel fabrication industry.
The software is supplied with a 'starter' database which can be tailored and enhanced by the fabricator to suit his or her own preferences.

Following the initial purchase cost, a low annual maintenance cost per user ensures the continuing product support and enhancement of the software.

The whole package represents exceptional value for a complete pricing tool.